GM day 2019


46th Annual GM Day – Museum of Fire – Penrith 28th April 2019

The Club run for April was the 46th Annual General Motors Display Day held within the grounds of the Museum of Fire located at Penrith.

Who ever was in charge of the weather done a marvellous job, clear blue sky and 25 degrees throughout the day, which made for a relaxed picnic like atmosphere with many members catching up with one another.

The members didn’t disappoint either by representing the Club with 21 cars and we also welcomed Paul Kean to park with us on the day rounding up to 22 display vehicles.

The committee sourced three independent representatives from other Clubs to vote for their choice of car to receive the Clubs trophies on the day.

The Clubs Top Car trophy winners on the day:

• Shannon’s Insurance representative chose new member, Todd Zuber’s FJ Utility

• The Corvette President chose Steve Xerri’s FJ Panel Van

• The Pontiac President chose Jason Vella’s FJ Panel Van

The trophies didn’t end there, most members waited patiently whilst the categories were announced, the final trophy was to be announced for the GM car of the day, the big one. The silence was finally broken with the words coming across the speakers “Its an FJ Holden Panel Van” belonging to Steve Xerri.

Congratulations to Steve and Marianne on a well deserved win with such an outstanding vehicle, and how good is that promoting our club.

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