Bathurst 2012

Our club is proud to have hosted the 21st, (AEHF) Australian Early Holden Federation, FX-FJ Nationals which was held in Bathurst in December 2012. Held every two years this event welcomes all modified to stock vehicles.

Click <  here  > to load the slideshow of all trophy winners from the 2012 Bathurst Nationals, including photos of winning cars.

Here are some interesting links to do with the 2012 Nationals:

Click here to check out Fletch’s program ‘Classic Restos’ (series 18) covering the nationals.

Click here to view video footage & photos of the event taken by The Western Advocate, and an article featuring the FX taxi.

Here are some more photos posted by Jonny James on the Majestic Vanners forum.

Click here to view Richard Sollorz photos from the day.

Here’s an interview with the Grand Champion Stock FX winner Barry Maxted.

Click here to read a blog post about the day by Jannimary, who is a member of the Bathurst local car club.

Click here to read an article from The Lithgow Mercury about Bruce Clark at the South Coast Nationals and the FX-FJ Nationals.

Click here for a Youtube video of precision driving at its best by an FJ Panelvan.

Here’s two videos of Lance Simmers’ Draggin Coupe (Click here for the first video, and here for the second)

Click here for a few photos posted by Scaffiene

Click here for 48-FJ Holden Car Club of SA’s story and photos.

Western Advocate reports on Early Holden Mecca, read about it here.

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