Club Committee

2019 Committee Members

President: Wayne Smith

Vice president: Brian Hodges

Secretary: Mary Derewianka

Treasurer: Greg Pooley


General Ordinary Committee

David Bell

Pam Louttit

Debbie Smith


2019 Sub-committee Members


Membership secretary: Pam Louttit

Social secretary: Debbie Smith

Website editor: Claire Hardy

Club plate registrar: Phil Cooper

Merchandise: Debbie Smith

Public officer: Wayne Smith

GM Delegate: Phill Cooper

AEHF Delegate: Brian Hodge

CMC delegate: Phill Cooper, Mary Derewianka

AHD delegate: Phill Cooper


Life Members

Brian Hodges, Trevor Goodacre, Phill Geering, Maurie Cole, Brian and Pam Louttit, Phill Cooper, Sandra Jackson, Wayne Sainsbury, Steve Cooke


Honorary Members 

John Watson, Heather Watson


The people who are mentioned in the roll of honour have contributed greatly to our club and helped to make it what it is today. They are gone but not forgotten.


Ray Bailey (21.5.1946 – 10.9.1996)

Noel Watson (14.1.1944 – 29.12.2002)

Angie Vella (16.12.1943 – 21.09.2005)

Lindsay Webster (15.11.1924 – 16.1.2010)

Brian Louttit (4.4.1952 – 22.5.2018)




















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