Club Profile

Established in 1978, our club caters for all ’48 to ’56 model Holdens.  The Club caters for and boast a range of 48-215’s and FJ’s in a wide variety from stock standard to modified vehicles.  Our club meets at the hub Bungarribee Community Resource Hub 20 Sir Hercules Parade Bungarribee 2767  at 8pm on the last Tuesday of the month every second month . All members and visitors are very welcome.

The Club offers a  Newsletter second month which comes out a week before meetings.  Any member not present at the meeting will be sent a email.  Monthly advertising in the Newsletter is available for a minimal fee per annum.  But one-off ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ ads can be placed for free as long as they meet the publishing deadline.

Social Events and Outings
As well as regular monthly meetings, our Social Secretary organizes outings once a month.  These outings can be as simple as a nice picnic in the park.  But we also frequent some Car Shows in the area such as the GM Display Day at Penrith, charity car shows like Rattle ‘n’ Hum and the large display day , All Holden Day. These are annual events and are always enjoyable outings for the Club. We also participate in the AEHF Nationals every two years (even years).

We hold a monthly raffle at the meetings. Other fundraising events are arranged from time to time and the Club has also been hosting Bunnings BBQs in the past few years also, where members are encouraged to come and display their cars and help with the BBQ for the day.

Incentive for members to participate in Club events exist in the ‘Point Score’ system.  There is also a peer voting system to recognize the ‘Car of the Year’.  These and other awards and trophies are presented at the Christmas Party/Presentation
Point Score: Get 10 points for attendance at each meeting or run, get a bonus 10 points for bringing your FX/FJ to a meeting and a bonus 20 points for bringing your FX/FJ to a Club Run.  Points are tallied and trophies awarded on Presentation Night.
Car of the Day/Year:  At each run members are asked to choose from the FX/FJ’s in attendance and vote for the one they like the most.  This is done each Club run and votes are tallied until the end of the year to give the Car of the Year winner (presentation night).

Club Plate Registrar
The club offers a Club Plate Register, which enables enthusiasts the opportunity to place their stock vehicles on Club Plates.  Some members choose to take advantage of the benefits of the Club Plate system. There are strict rules involved in this and some driving restrictions do apply to the vehicles.  The Club also operates through the new log book system.  See our Club Plate Registra for more info.

Membership Fees
Membership fee are $50.00

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