Brian Louttit – 4/4/1952 – 22/5/2018

It is with a heavy heart and great regret that we inform you all of the passing of Brian Louttit in the early hours of Tuesday 22nd May 2018.

Brian and Pam joined the Club circa 1988 and quickly became invaluable members holding the committee positions of Secretary, Treasurer and Social Secretary over the years (to name a few), over a period of many years.  Brian currently holding the position of Public Trustee and membership records.  They were awarded well-deserved Life Memberships several years ago.

Over all the years, Brian has been a very active and always a well-respected member of the Club and he will be truly missed by all of us.
We saw Brian on Sunday 20th at the Club run and he was in high spirits.  It was a beautiful day and he was very happy to have his independence in his new chair.  He seemed to have very much enjoyed the sunshine and it lifts my heart to have been able to see him happy on one of his last days.
The farewell for Brian was at Castlebrook Memorial Park on Wednesday 30th May.  With the weather bright and clear Brian was able to take his last ride in his beloved FJ Ute, which brought him past all his Friends and family and up to the doors of the chapel in wonderful style.  It was so heart warming to see such a big turnout of our Club members and to see the cars proudly displayed in tribute.  It was a lovely service with the Grandchildren each playing their part with such poise that would have their grandfather swell with pride.  The mourners, who filled the seats, standing room and spilled out the doors heard eulogy about  an honourable, humble, loving, smart, loyal and funny man.
To Pam, Emma and the rest of the family, we offer our condolences and on-going support.  We are so very sorry for your loss.

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